Writing a Will

Writing a Will ensures that your wishes regarding your money, property and possessions (also known as your estate) are carried out after you die thereby ensuring that your family and loved ones are looked after.

How Can Our Solicitors Help?

If someone dies without a Will then they are said to die ‘intestate’ and the rules of intestacy will apply to their estate. You want to avoid that if at all possible so that you can ensure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes.

It is important to note that under the law of intestacy, even if you have spent years with your partner, if you are not married or in a civil partnership then they will be left with nothing.

If you want to be able to choose who should benefit from your estate, it is our very strong advice that you should make a Will.

A Will can also include other arrangements such as the appointment of Testamentary Guardians for your children, the people that you want to look after your children in the event that something happens to you. It can also provide for funeral arrangements.

A Will is a legal document and needs to be precise. There are certain requirements with which you need to comply to ensure that the Will is valid and will achieve what you want it to do. It is therefore always better to ask a lawyer to prepare your Will for you, thereby giving you peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out fully.

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