Adoption & Surrogacy

If you wish to adopt a child or are considering surrogacy, as either the surrogate mother or the commissioning parents, you should seek the right legal advice from a firm experienced in such matters, as this can become an extremely complicated undertaking.

At Eskinazi & Co, we specialise in advice and representation in all domestic and foreign (any that occur outside of England and Wales) Adoption and Surrogacy matters.

Holding your Hand Throughout the Adoption Process

From guidance about the process to the transfer of parental rights and the resolution of any disputes that may occur along the way, we are here to help.

We have extensive experience in preparing and presenting complex cases for the court’s consideration through to the final order and for helping those who have adopted children overseas, as such adoptions may require ratification on return to the UK.

If you need advice or assistance related to any Adoption or Surrogacy matter, we are here to help.

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