Mediation, Collaborative Law & Arbitration

There are certain situations where an alternative approach to dispute resolution is required, rather than the often traumatic and complex route through the courts. Mediation, Collaborative Law and Arbitration are three such options, all of which we can assist you with.

What is Arbitration?

Parties enter into an agreement with one another that they will abide by the written decision of an Arbitrator whom they jointly appoint to consider and rule on a dispute.

Our founding Director, Susan Eskinazi, is a qualified Child Arbitrator, a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and has spent many years working across the legal system on matters concerning children.

What is Collaborative Law?

There are few situations in life that can be more sensitive than a divorce or separation, which is why it is often better for those who have come to the mutual decision to end their relationship to do so through Collaborative Law rather than the court system. Collaborative Law involves face-to-face meetings to work out the fine details of the split.

You remain in control of proceedings, but each of you retains a specially trained solicitor to offer advice and drive constructive discussions. The aim is to manage the situation with fairness, dignity and mutual respect rather than engage in a drawn-out fight. Agreements are binding and will be incorporated within the divorce process.

What is Mediation?

When couples need a little extra help in resolving their disputes, a Mediator can be instructed to support them in their discussions and act as a guide to finding a final resolution. Decisions are made by the parties not the mediator, and both parties must agree to the final resolution for it to be enforceable.

Our qualified Mediators are here to listen, support and help you to find a mutually acceptable solution, always handling such interactions in a sympathetic, professional and confidential manner.

If you need advice or assistance related to any of the above-mentioned Care Orders or Supervision Orders, we are here to help.

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